1960’s flat pack wardrobe needs some TLC

Meredew Wardrobe, one door already removed
Meredew Wardrobe, one door already removed

One of the things that has happened recently around here is that we had a house fire.

Now I know that sounds a lot worse than it really was, though it was pretty scary at the time, but we are all safe (us and the pets) and the house is still standing.

Just the one room was damaged and I think all in all we got off pretty lightly (someone was watching over us, thanks Dad).

We had an awful lot of ‘stuff’ in that room, most of which has had to been thrown away due to the smoke damage and the smell which is now ingrained in it.

However there were some things that even if we were given the money for them we could never replace so we have decided to keep them and try to get rid of the smell.

The largest and probably the thing with the most sentimental value is a pair of wardrobes that my mum and dad bought in 1962ish.

Assembly instructions found on the back of the wardrobe
Assembly instructions found on the back of the wardrobe

The best thing about these wardrobes is that they are flat pack! I know I didn’t believe it either when I first found out years ago (when we moved from London to here).

It wasn’t me who took the wardrobes apart when we moved, that job fell to my dad, but I do remember helping to put them back together again.

The guys who came to clear the room lifted them out into the hall and it was my job to take them apart.

What I didn’t remember was that on the back of each wardrobe is a set of assembly/disassembly instructions, very, very handy when you cannot remember how to take them apart!

The mechanism that enables them to come apart so easily is in fact very simple, I could use a flat head screw driver and I didn’t need to look for the special tool that was shown on the instructions.

Flat pack mechanism
Flat pack mechanism

So now the wardrobes are in pieces in the carport and my next job is to figure out how to get rid of the smell, thing is when I took them apart I realised that they are not solid wood. They are chipboard with a wood edge, very cunning and a very good idea and something I may discuss in another post.

I’m not quite sure how to go about getting them to let go of the smell without ruining them. I really do hope that I can save them for my mum’s sake.

If you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them.