A carved frame that took all my concentration.

French Carved Frame in Jelutong
French Carved Frame in Jelutong

I have been somewhat quiet online since the beginning of this year. One of the reasons for this is the carved frame in the image on the left – a French Carved Frame (it may well have a different name but this is what I know it as).

As often happens I had never made this frame before I was asked to for this job and it took all of my concentration, focus and energy. So my apologies if you thought I had disappeared off the face of the planet.

I love a challenge, which is handy really when you consider that a lot of what I’m asked to do I’ve never done before! It also means that I am lucky to have such variety in my work.

I really thoroughly enjoyed making and carving this frame even though the deadline was very tight and there were various problems to be overcome.

My client was very happy with the frame and as far as I’ve heard their client is too. I do have a picture of this frame gilded up in all its finery. I will see if I can get permission to show it to you.

Further images, including some closer detail shots can be found here.





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