A little Dormouse Netsuke update

Progress image of my Dormouse Netsuke carving in Popular
Progress pic of my Dormouse Netsuke carving


I thought it was about time for an update on my Netsuke carving of a curled up Dormouse.

I have been working on the carving off and on since the last post, as each time I reach a bit I need to think about I put the carving down and carry on with something else, such is the luxury of working on something you want to as opposed to something that is on another persons deadline.

As you can see from the picture he is now separated from the post he was on, I couldn’t get the gouges where I needed to get them so I cut around his bottom very carefully and got him free from the wood. Now he is a little more difficult to hold but I’m making sure that I carve quite carefully as I do like my fingers!

I have been sanding him which has helped to refine the shape and make him look a little less ‘woolly’ than before.

I am spending a lot of time making sure the overall shape works as it passes under the feet and under the tail, trying to make sure that the tail sits over the body rather than into it.

Speaking of feet I’ve had a little accident with his left foot, one of the toes has crumbled and come away from the carving. The decision now is whether to leave him with uneven amounts of toes and call him a freak of nature, or to try to glue on a piece of wood to replace the toe. I can’t carve the foot deeper in to recover the toe unless I reset the whole carving making it even smaller.

I suppose really it depends on what I want to do with the carving when its finished, if I’m going to keep it for me as my first ever Netsuke carving then it’ll be fine to leave it as it is. If I want to sell it then maybe a repair is the best thing to do.

So at the moment this carving has gone back into the drawer while I think through the problem.

Its now time for me to move onto my next carving, strangely enough I already have the maquette made up, though you’ll have to wait till next time to find out what it is.





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