Art Nouveau lovelies

I work a lot from samples when making frames, usually small pieces of frames no more than about 6 inches long that give me enough information to make the whole frame. Every now and then I get given a whole frame and am asked to replicate it either as is or making adjustments especially if the new frame is to be bigger or smaller than the original.

These Art Nouveau frames come from one such job. I was given the original frame and asked to make one smaller and one larger and adjust the frame design as necessary.

Art Deco original frame
The original Art Nouveau frame I was given

As you can see the original frame has flowers on it and is gilded, the two new ones do not have the flowers and are to be polished as they are. They are carved in Jelutong.

Small Art Deco frame in Jelutong
The smaller Art Nouveau frame in Jelutong
Larger Art Deco frame in Jelutong
Larger Art Nouveau Frame in Jelutong
Both Art Deco frames together
Both Art Nouveau frames together

I think that pictures can sometimes be deceptive thats why I took the third shot of both frames together as from the other two images you might think that they were the same size. In fact the smaller is 10 x 7 inches and the larger is 16 x 15 inches.

I’m very pleased with the way they have turned out.

I’d love to hear what you think of them, please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.





Jutta M Stiller is a wood carver and sculptor specialising in Netsuke and Couture frames click here to subscribe to her newsletter ‘Tales From the Woodcarving Bench’ .


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  1. Richard

    Beautiful frames! I was actually searching for Art Deco frames and your image was at the top of Google search, but I am very happy to have seen them. Great work.

    1. Jutta


      Thank you 🙂 those frames always cause a stir when people see them, I’m glad you liked them too.


  2. Gareth

    I really like these frames, much like Richard I was searching Art Deco and spotted these, they have given me an idea to attempt to create something similar but with with old branches twisted together.

    Thanks, Gareth.

  3. Tom

    Fantastic work, great skill. I can’t see a join. Are they made in one piece?

    1. Jutta

      Thanks Tom :O)

      No they are made in four pieces like a normal frame :O)


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