Does the weather affect the way you work?

Its been a bit of a difficult week this past week, not due to the work I’m doing but more to do with trying to work in this intense heat. When the weather is so very hot I have to alter my working day so that I avoid carving across the heat of midday as I work under a glass roof. I get up a little earlier to get started earlier, stop around lunchtime and get going again around 5pm or so and work till later in the evening when its much cooler and I can concentrate better. Oh and I have a fan that wafts the air across the carving bench at intervals.

To be honest it has just started to cool down again which makes it a lot more comfortable to work again. Even the workshop can be difficult in the heat as it is a steel clad building with skylights so you can imagine how hot it gets. I had the roller shutter open slightly today so that the breeze we had could move the hot stale air around a bit, but I had to close it when I realised it was raining in!

Don’t get me wrong its not just the hot weather that can cause me problems, in winter both where I carve and the workshop can be sooo cold its not funny.

Does the weather affect the way that you structure your working day?