Dormouse Netsuke – a new start

Dormouse Netsuke in Mahogany, rough initial carving
Dormouse Netsuke in Mahogany, rough initial carving


You may think I’m completely silly but yes I’ve started to carve my Dormouse Netsuke again.

In my last Dormouse carving update here I confessed that I had made a mistake and one of the toes on his left paw had come away. Having thought about why quite a lot since then I realised that I had got rather over excited and started carving the detail of the toes before finishing sorting out the overall shaping.

As I said then I’m not quite sure what to do with him so I’ve put him to one side and decided to give it another go.

This time the wood I’m using is Mahogany and as you can see from the image I’ve only really just got going (and apologies for the photograph the mahogany is being a pig to get a decent image of, typical!).

He looks a lot chunkier than the Poplar Dormouse Netsuke and at the moment he is, although he is again slightly smaller than 4cm in any direction. At the moment he is also still attached to the rest of the wood, I’m going to try to keep him on the whole for a little longer this time.

There is a lot of refining to be done and I am taking photographs all the way through so that hopefully at some point I can show the process from start to finish.

So there you go when you make a mistake sometimes the best option is to start again. Oh and practice your photography a lot!

More updates coming soon.





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