Dormouse Netsuke – the finished sculpture

Dormouse Netsuke in Mahogany shown from the front
Dormouse Netsuke the finished article


My Dormouse Netsuke is now completed and is currently sitting in London having been put forward for selection for a Miniatures exhibition.

The selection committee made their selection on Sunday and I am awaiting their verdict. I am really not at all sure what to expect, the letter should arrive at some point this week.

No matter what happens with the selection for the exhibition I am really really pleased that I got this piece finished. Not only is it my first Netsuke but I think that it is my first ever sculpture in the round in wood. That was quite a revelation when I figured that one out!

The final piece has ended up as just less than 4cm in any direction, and I even remembered to sign it, something I have forgotten to do with stuff in the past.

The sanding caught me a little by surprise as I haven’t really sanded anything so finely for a long time. It was interesting to make my own tools to get into the awkward places that look so cool when carved. Note to self don’t have so many awkward bits in your next carving!

I also managed to give him a name ’40Winks’, I thought it was appropriate.

I’d love to hear what you think of him in the comments.

Now to decide what to make next…….





Jutta M Stiller is a wood carver and sculptor specialising in Netsuke and Couture frames click here to subscribe to her newsletter ‘Tales From the Woodcarving Bench’ .


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