Exhibition Stand

These are the pictures I took as I built up my stand at The Sussex Guild show at Pashley Manor Gardens over the Bank Holiday weekend at the end of August.

The system that I ended up using was suggested to me by another member of the guild and worked incredibly well. Below is the first image showing the stand as it was first put together on Friday morning.

I decided that I did not want to have the MDF used as the final finish for the screens so I had worked out beforehand that I would cover the screens once built with wallpaper as I had run out of time to paint them.

Below is the result of the 3 hours it took me to wallpaper the screens. It looks a lot better in the picture than it did in real life and I thought I had completely wasted my time and was close to panicking. I also realised that the screen was not big enough for the allocated space and I went back to the workshop that evening and made some more frames but I did not have any more MDF boards to cover them. As the frames were going to be hung from chains from the top of the boards I thought it would not matter too much.

My next thought was the covering as I was really unhappy with the papering, the next quickest thing would be fabric, unfortunately I could not get back to the fabric shop I use before it closed. Then I remembered that I had some fabric at home, it took me quite a while to iron the fabric pieces without knowing whether they would be enough to cover the screens.

When I got back to the stand on Saturday morning I tried out the fabric and found out that the lighter velvet fabric was too short when hung lengthwise, but as I had 4 pieces I hoped they would work hung sideways which is what you see below.

This ended up looking a bit straggly but there was nothing to do as it was time for the show to open. On Sunday morning I rearranged the pinning of the fabric and I feel it was a lot better. The two photos below show the stand on the final day with the two frames I finished over the weekend on show. The third frame that I carved has since been glued together and is awaiting finishing.

I still think there is more work to be done before my next Guild show at Hurstpierpoint at the beginning of November, mainly with the fabric covering.

I’m hoping that the weather tomorrow will be good and I can get some pictures of the frames so that I can update my website.