Fish Netsuke update

Fish Netsuke in Walnut and plasticene maquette
Fish Netsuke in Walnut and plasticene maquette

The Fish Netsuke I started before Christmas is going well, so far. I have been working on it off and on inbetween other things and this first update is long overdue.

The photo you see here shows the Netsuke fairly early on, the shape has been roughed out and cut from the original piece of wood.

I chose this image as it shows the Netsuke next to the maquette as otherwise it is quite hard to tell what is what, the maquette gives some clues though it is still not easy. The Netsuke is not sitting at quite the right angle compared to the maquette, something I have since rectified.

The walnut wood is proving to be very nice to carve and I am enjoying working on the piece, deciding where to go with each cut is what is taking the time. Once a decision has been made and the cuts done it is more or less undoable on something this small.

I am now a lot further on with the Netsuke so I will make sure that the next update is not so long in coming, which reminds me I must go and take some photos before I go any further.





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