Horse Netsuke – How Big? or rather how small?

Horse Netsuke with a fifty pence piece to show its size
Horse Netsuke with a fifty pence piece to show its size

I’ve just realised that in my posts on the Horse Netsuke up till now I haven’t even mentioned its size. From the photographs I have shown it could in all honesty be any size whatsoever as there are no external size references.

It was someone asking me how big it was having seen a photograph that prompted me to take the image shown here to show the size. I have since measured it as well and it measures approx 62mm high x 37mm across x 12mm deep.

When you compare this image to the last one of the Horse Netsuke in the post before the changes in the Netsuke are starting to become more subtle.

The mane and forelock are much closer to the head and neck and more deeply carved, I think they are starting to flow a little more. The ears are now properly in place and carved in, they are still in line with the mane at the tips (though it doesn’t look like that in this image). I hope that this will give the tips the protection they need.

I have taken the muscles around the face a bit deeper and the nostrils are better carved and stand out more along with the mouth.

The body and legs are looking a lot smoother as I have started to sand them to get them ready for the final finish. Sanding is good thinking time, when I’m not quite sure how to proceed with something I can spend a bit of time sanding.

You would think that I would only need to carve the Netsuke and leave it at that, but there is an awful lot of sanding that happens after the carving has finished working through the grades of paper to make it beautifully smooth.

You may be wondering why I have posted so many posts about this Horse Netsuke one after the other, I haven’t worked on it this quickly (it has taken several months to make it). Rather there is something coming up soon and in order to be able to tell you about that I have to show you the finished Horse Netsuke.

I think its nicer to see the progress of the Netsuke rather than just the finished article, especially as I remembered to take photos all the way through! Subscribers to my newsletter will be hearing the news and seeing the finished Horse Netsuke first…….







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