I’m so excited…

Wood animal shapes

…its started to happen.

Really and truly when I was thinking about some ideas of what I was going to make to get myself playing and trying things I was thinking of some Christmas decorations. I did some research, had a good think and starting drawing up designs. Then something else fell into my lap, let me explain.

A few years ago we started to make wooden keyrings out of the small bits of wood left over from the processes in the workshop that couldn’t be used for anything else except burning. When you have lots of them it just seems wasteful (even though I want to stay warm too!).

We started with 5 simple shapes and through listening to our customers at the local craft fairs we attended, well listening to their requests mainly, we ended up with roughly 100 different shapes. For various reasons we stopped making them, but recently we decided that it would be a good idea to start again.

A day or two ago I dug out the templates I had from all that time ago, amazingly stored alphabetically and where they should be, and set about cutting some shapes trying to remember which ones had sold well and trying to avoid the ones which had sat around for ages not selling. As the lengths the shapes are cut from are glued up strips of wood the width can never be guaranteed, though with 100 templates to choose from I can usually find one or two to fit as they are in various sizes/widths.

The batch of lengths I got out to work with today, glued up and sanded over the past few days, were a bit of an odd size.  When placing the templates to draw round them you have to make sure that the grain runs down the legs of the animals to give them some strength. The size of these lengths were seriously restricting the shapes that could be cut with the thin shapes being too thin and the wide shapes being too wide.

I made the decision to redo some of the shapes so that they would fit onto the lengths making some wider and some thinner picking those that were either very popular or needed a redesign.

I only intended to redesign a couple of shapes but got more into it than I realised and ended up with 12 new templates, some of which can be seen in the image in this post.

You know what I thoroughly enjoyed myself, I didn’t notice the time going by and the ideas were really flowing. By the time I left to come home I was on a real high, really wanting to stay and to do more and coming up with more ideas (one of which I have been researching this evening, we shall see how that one works out).

I don’t know if/where I will manage to sell them, or what price I can charge these days, but I have so thoroughly enjoyed myself that I can’t wait to go cut some of the new designs tomorrow and see what they look like. I may even come up with some more designs before then.

Lets see what tomorrow brings.