Photograph from location shoot

Here is a sneak peak of the pictures I took while on location at Parkwood the other week.

This Sculpted Mirror is made from European Oak. I make all the wooden parts of the mirror starting from a plank, making the moulding, carving the design and putting it all together. I also cut the mirror myself – which is nerve racking for me at the best of times!

Sculpted Mirror In Oak
Sculpted Mirror In Oak

I really enjoyed taking the time to go on location and take these photographs, I had forgotten what fun it can be. It also takes away all the worry of lighting and backdrops, the only thing you have to worry about is what you have reflected in the mirrors. Quite a few of the images ended up with very strange reflections!

Of course you have to pick a decent day to do the shoot, we were really lucky in that theĀ  day was nice and sunny and it didn’t start to rain until we were leaving. Magic.