Something a little different

dormouse netsuke maquette
Dormouse Netsuke maquette

Little being the operative word here, no bigger than 4cm in any direction.

This is my plasticene maquette for a Dormouse Netsuke I am going to carve.

For ages I’ve wanted to try carving Netsuke, the tiny toggles used historically by Japanese people as a way of securing their belongings as Kimonos have no pockets.

I have spent some time researching, looking at historic Netsuke and the current work out there, reading everything I can find on the subject including a book by Peter Benson called ‘The Art of Carving Netsuke’.

The first project in the book is carving a Dormouse, I liked the idea but decided to design my own as you can see in the image.

All I have to do now is decide which wood to carve it in ……….. progress reports will follow.





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