Something a little fishy


Fish Netsuke maquette in plasticene
Fish Netsuke maquette in plasticene

It has taken me a little while to decide which design to carve next after I finished my Dormouse Netsuke.

I decided out of all the possibilities I had ready on a fish. I did have a different maquette ready to go than the one in the image but somehow something was wrong with it, it just didn’t look right.

So I spent an evening with some books and images of fish and made up several plasticene fish. These turned out much much better than the original I had come up with. I decided that I liked this one the best for this carving.

I curled him around to give that lovely circular feel even though I know that this cannot happen in real life. I’m not quite sure where the Himitoshi will go just yet but that will work itself out as I go along.

Finding a piece of wood that felt right was strangely difficult even though I have lots to choose from, most just weren’t right for this piece. Either too bland or amazingly too full of grain pattern or the wrong shape. I eventually settled on a lovely piece of Walnut and have started the rough carving.

Progress reports on my mini sculpture will follow.





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