Inspiration and a kick start

sand pattern carved and blue dyed photo frame
Sand pattern carved and blue dyed photo frame

This was not supposed to be today’s post, I had already started my next post and it was coming along swimmingly. Then I did my usual, I started to read posts on other peoples blogs.

I have discovered quite a love of reading blogs, I find it fascinating to read what other people think and do and to see what I think about what they think – if you see what I mean.

I read quite a lot of different blogs and every now and then a post makes me stop and think as it hits a certain chord within my own life. This happened to me last Friday.

The post that I read is by Christine Livingstone and it really seems to have given me something to think about.

What she talks about, as I understand it, is putting yourself under pressure to purely make money from your business and losing the joy that you once had with the business. I think this is completely true and would work for any kind of business but especially for a creative business like mine.

I think that I am guilty of being in this situation recently and the post has given me the kick start to look again at my inspiration and be inspired by it to make ‘stuff’. I am now working to remedy this situation, in fact over the weekend I spent some time making some bits I had stopped myself from doing as they may not ever even be sold.

I feel so much better and have come up with a lot of other things I would like to make, I also had a very nice chat with someone on Twitter (you know who you are and thank you) about something I have wanted to do for ages but have been told (by various people close to me) not to be ‘distracted’ by it as it is not what I usually make and it may not make any money.

The ideas are also time sensitive being for Christmas, I am now going to give it a go and make a couple of bits and see how they go.

I feel so much better just having made the decision and really rather excited.I just need to choose which designs to make….I’ll keep you posted!