Avocet Gallery 4th Anniversary show

'Slapton View' by Caroline Raffan. Painted and fused glass panel
‘Slapton View’ by Caroline Raffan. Painted and fused glass panel


I visited the Avocet Gallery the other day to have a look at their current show which they have put on to celebrate their 4th anniversary (fantastic news that they have reached this milestone) and I wasn’t disappointed with what I saw.


The first thing that caught my eye was this painted and fused glass panel ‘Slapton View’ by Caroline Raffan. It is hanging in the conservatory part of the gallery where we were sitting having our hot drinks and cake (more about that later) as you are allowed to bring a dog into this part of the gallery. My dog loves it there as he gets loads of cuddles!


Anyway I digress. I have no real clue where the landscape is, I’ve never heard of ‘Slapton View’ but I could sit and look at the panel for a long, long time. I love the way that you can just about see the sea between the two far away hills.


There is another panel by the same artist ‘Apple Trees’ in the other room of the gallery. I’m finding at the moment that I am very drawn to things with trees in them, I think its as I’m planning a few ‘tree based’ pieces of my own so it is always at the front of my mind when I go anywhere.


'Apple Tree' by Caroline Raffan, fused and painted glass panel
‘Apple Tree’ by Caroline Raffan, fused and painted glass panel


Another piece that took my eye is ‘Owl and Twigs’ by Emily Goddard, sadly my photo does not do the piece justice (apologies for that its the reflections you know, and yes that is me in the reflection!). In real life the blue is really intense and the barn owl just pops out at you.


'Owl and twigs' by Emily Goddard
‘Owl and twigs’ by Emily Goddard


Sometimes I like work just because I like it, I have no further explanation. This is one of those times. ‘Dungeness Colours III’ by Geoff Cooke is something that I just like, the colours and textures appeal and I can’t quite put my finger on why.


'Dungeness Colours III' by Geoff Cooke
‘Dungeness Colours III’ by Geoff Cooke


Last but by no means least, the cake recommendation this visit is the Apple and Walnut upside down cake. Thoroughly recommended by both my mum and myself (it was actually her slice I just ‘stole’ a corner) and 100% homemade, if you go to the gallery do try it.


Apple and walnut upside down cake
Apple and Walnut upside down cake


Once again a lovely selection of work by Peter and Morgan, if you’re in the Rye Harbour area go check it out , its a lovely friendly gallery. This exhibition runs until 12th May 2013 and the gallery is open Thursday to Sunday, 10.30am – 5.30pm, for further information visit the Avocet Gallery website.

If you do visit do come back and tell me what you thought and which piece was your favourite.









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