A bit of Angel carving

Angel carved in Jelutong
Angel carved in Jelutong


Something I have wanted to do for ages is carve angels, don’t ask me why I have no idea. I was talking about it this time last year and now I’ve finally done it. Well I’ve carved one, the first of many, I hope.

I have tried to design an angel several times before but never got the right feel until now. I didn’t want a ‘cutesy’ angel. I didn’t want an angel that was specifically male or female, those in the bible are all male, most other angels seem to be female.

Carved from an offcut of Jelutong wood from another job, this angel isĀ  roughly 18cm tall, 11cm wide and under 2.5cm deep. I am now debating whether to do anything else to finish the figure.

The options under discussion are painting (maybe white maybe another colour), gilding – gold or silver, or just putting a wax finish on as is. I’m not quite sure as yet.

This is a wall hanging angel, and I have several other designs ready to go depending on whether I want to glue wood together to get a wider wing span or stick with the width of wood available.

I think that now I have found my angel ‘mojo’ I’ll be carving a few more.

I’d love to know what you think of this angel, leave me a comment below or on Twitter @StillerDesigns





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