The Folkestone Triennial has a Fringe and I have a vested interest as two of my wood carvings are….

Panel of Fences, carved in Jelutong with blue wood dye
Panel of Fences, carved in Jelutong with blue wood dye

…. being exhibited in a Fringe Exhibition.

My work is being shown in The Shepway Fringe Showcase which is being held at the Civic Centre, Castle Hill Avenue in Folkestone.

I am really quite chuffed since I worked out that this is actually my first ever exhibition of carved wood pieces.

Anyone who knows me well knows that the biggest thing out of all of this is that I followed the process all the way through from spotting the exhibition was asking for exhibitors to applying with work that had already been sold with a promise to make similar.

To actually getting the work made and not only delivering it, but delivering it on time – a massive thing for me as in the past work that I’ve not been commissioned for usually doesn’t even get made! That is all about to change though – keep your eyes peeled.

I must apologise here for the quality of the photos of the two pieces as they were taken very early one morning when I didn’t have much time left before I had to leave to deliver.

Above is my lovely ‘Panel of Fences’ carved in Jelutong wood and dyed with blue wood dye, coincidentally blue is the only wood dye I currently own so expect more blue work as I had to buy a whole box of it!

The slight obsession with fences comes from my local beach here in Greatstone. The dunes at between the houses/road and the beach are mostly held together by fencing and the roots of the grass that grows all over it, as the wind blows more sand in and the dunes get higher they replace the fencing. It snakes along the tops of the dunes and along the front of the dunes and across the middle, its everywhere. I have more work coming along this theme, keep an eye on the website as its updated and you’ll see some more.

Sandscape carving in Jelutong
Sandscape carving in Jelutong

The second piece being shown is ‘Sandscape’ (I know really original name!) it is carved in Jelutong and is based on the patterns left in the sand as the tide leaves the beach. The sea probably makes lovely patterns as the tide comes in but I can’t see them!!!

I really love my sandscape panels,its one of the first areas that started me back on a more arty/sculptury route.

The best thing about them is when you get bored of looking at them one way up you can just turn the panel round and get a completely different view. It really stops you getting bored of a piece knowing that you have 4 potential pictures in one.

The really exciting thing about this exhibition is that the Private View is THIS EVENING. I know, I know. I’ve been battling with my uncooperative laptop all day to try to get this post written and posted as I thought it’d be a bit stupid of me to post about the private view without having told you about it before I went.

The exhibition is open Monday – Friday office hours only, well it is based in the Council offices after all!

So wish me luck and hopefully I’ll have some pics to share with you in a post quite soon.

If you do go and have a look at the exhibition do please come back here and let me know what you think of it.