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"40 Winks" Dormouse Netsuke in Mahogany back view
"40 Winks" Dormouse Netsuke in Mahogany back view


Last Thursday I went to The Mall Galleries to collect my Dormouse Netsuke as the exhibition with The Royal Society of Miniatures had finished.

I was stunned to find out when I got there that he was no longer there as he had in fact been sold!

That was not what I was expecting at all and I am so very pleased I can’t tell you. I mean I was so chuffed that he got accepted in to the exhibition in the first place that I didn’t think any further than that.

Unfortunately a very bizarre run of circumstances stopped me from going to see the exhibition or I would have had the lovely surprise a lot sooner.

A small part of me is sad that I will never see him again as I was very fond of him. Although I knew from the very beginning that I would never keep him as he was made to be, hopefully, sold.

I’m just glad that someone else fell in love with him enough to want to rehome him and take good care of him.

The really sad thing is that I may never know who that person is. I would like to say a big thank you to them.

If its you that has rehomed my Dormouse then thank you. I hope that he brings you as much joy to own as he brought me to carve.

If you’re reading this do say ‘Hi’ in the comments below or drop me an email, I’d really love to know where he went to.





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